Oct 13, 2014

Tick Tock

I want to include a section on my blog of all my random late night thoughts and early morning caffeinated randomness...I think I shall hash-tag them all under #RandomThoughts for future categorical references...I swear I'm weird. Anyhow, down below is one of many to come about ;).       Hope you're all well.
The funny thing is we don't realize how short our lives are. We get so caught up in all these #trivial things that we look back to see the years flew on by. What I'm trying to say is recognize that our time is indeed limited. Don't waste the seconds, minutes, hours, & days to see they turned into weeks, months, and years of lost time. Treat everyone kindly: with love and respect. Also, remember to be kind to yourself and not to be your own worst critic. Most importantly put god first and hopefully all things will fall into place for you and you'll continually be guided #GodWilling through all hardships you may endure. Peace ✌️ and #blessings loves.
 XOXO, with so much love. 

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