Nov 19, 2014

Sequin Holiday Dress Ideas Under $100

Personally when I think of the Holidays I see sparkles everywhere so I found some cute sequin dress suggestions for all of you. Aside from the long gold one I think they're all wearable, but I just really like that one it's so glamorous. You'll definitely pop out in these, Plus, they make good New Years dresses as well. Stay tuned for more ideas on outfits and gifts. Links to each in mini thumbnails on the bottom.

Sequin Holiday Dress Ideas

Life Update

Goodness am I awful at the above mentioned. I've been in quite a slump lately and haven't actually sat down to just sit and focus. As many of you may not know I recently put my two weeks notice in at my job which has been a long time coming. Seeing as my current career focus had been psychology I'm enrolled in I/O Psychology. The professor for that class is very uh what's the word "empowering" so to say she should definitely be a motivational speaker. She constantly stresses going for a career and job that fulfill you and that you're passionate about. One day she played a clip of Office Space (awesome movie) and she described not doing what you love as a person accidentally stepping on a nail (you could leave when it hurt you or you could let it keep hurting you) she also said you could wait until the bus hit you to do what you love or just do it now. The stress that you surround yourself with that comes about undesirable careers and jobs tends to build up and it affects your health in the long run. Oh my stars was that an eye opener. The nail visual was mentally pictured in my mind and I related quite well even the bus in the scene was a BAM you should probably reflect moment. Soon comes two weeks and I see myself summoning up the courage to tell the boss I'm done at my current job. The only problem is that I didn't look for another job prior it kind of was sudden. I just couldn't deal with all the stress the environment of that job created and that the managers did nothing to fix even though they had a lot of control over it. I planned on waiting until I applied elsewhere seeing as that's the smarter option, but it escalated quickly. A little recap on my school. I originally planned on majoring in Nursing, but after getting my job I found it hard to leave the place for many strange reasons so my CNA certification started to collect dust with that going nowhere I ended up trying the Psych field and although I enjoy it job prospects aren't guaranteed I was told by many that went down that career path so now almost a year and a half later with around 2.5 months before my CNA certification expires I need to find a job at a hospital because I'm going back to my original career focus. Holy Moly that's a mouthful. With all that being said I've currently found a seasonal job until I get lucky with an opportunity at a hospital (optimism btw believe it'll happen and it will). Furthermore, I'm going to be (prayer hands) blogging more and I sincerely hope Vlogging as well as starting a YouTube channel which I've wanted to do since early 2009. I really want to start doing things I'm passionate about and enjoy and I hope you do too. Don't let time pass you by and one day look back and tell yourself if only...Take control of your life.
I apologize about the length. 
XO With Love Always.