Jan 15, 2015

Chic Budget Friendly Bags

Hey my loves so cross-body bags have been such a great thing for me especially for school/on-the-go/outings etc. so I figured why not find some cute ones under $150 and share where you can find them. Would y'all I rather do a different price point because I was trying to be reasonable and I'm really not sure on everyone's budget, so maybe I'll do one under $50, $100, etc. Let's get to it.
Crossbody Bags Under $150

Jan 13, 2015

Winter Home Must Haves

Hey loves so what's your favorite season? I'm a Winter baby, but I prefer the warmer seasons (preferably middle of summer to middle of fall) just because driving in this harsh winter weather has made me dread it. Plus, my birthday always falls on the end of Winter Break around the day we go back to school so that stinks. Seeing as winter is fast approaching I was thinking about how cold it is where I live and decided to do a winter home essentials post. Below are some of my favorite Winter staples for the home.
Winter Home Must Haves

 I love these candle holders in gold, they come in another two colors, in case the power goes out keep your candles in these cute ones so you have light at hand. Can't forget a diffuser for a nice aroma around the house. This one in lavender is great because the psychology behind this scent has shown that it has soothing abilities on the well being of a person as does the color purple in general. Moving along I absolutely love plaid and a rich colored throw on le couch is a nice touch especially because it's chilly so you can throw it over you as you sip your caffeine or hot chocolate (or other drink of choice) in a cute fashion forward mug with some Netflix of course. What's you favorite show to binge-watch? Let's not forget a faux fur cushion and rug to keep you extra warm hehe. I had originally chosen a different faux sheepskin rug, but the shape of it left me questioning it's appropriateness so I chose this rectangular one instead. What are some of your #MustHaves for the home during this season?

Stay warm and layer up. Hope you have a great time in the next couple weeks. Can you believe it's 2015. Mind blowing, time sure does fly. Big virtual hugs. With Love Always.