Aug 12, 2016

Back to School: Style Accessory Must Haves

Back to School
I can't believe school is right around the corner! I feel like I was just taking A&PII yesterday, ugh thank god that class is over with. In honor of school being around the corner I've compiled a few style favorites for Back to School that'll cheer you up even on the laziest days. I love this bag, Adidas is killing it with style lately! I love an inspirational or fun phone cover to look at when I don't feel so up to doing things so this to me says every step is a bit closer to your goal. Now, let's talk writing utensils, what would Blair Waldorf do is so comical, but surely a good question when your in a tough spot. Also, I've become a huge fanatic of monograms and all things initials, put your water, green tea, or whatever drink you like and stay hydrated with this adorable tumbler with your initial on it. I found this etsy page that customizes a lot of things and one of them is agendas and OMG! I love fashion and coffee so of course this chic mess would write in that planner. I don't think you need this Fuji instax camera, but I love photography and think this would be nice for days you want to remember. Last, but certainly not least is this monogram folder because you need to stay organized and focused and this would be lovely to carry around!

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