Oct 4, 2016

Prepping to be a Mom

Goodness where do I begin? I'm literally so overwhelmed with all the things I need to prepare for I honestly don't know where to start. Oh, I know where to start how about with how I didn't know I could take these magazine from my doctors office until I hit about 8 months. Why wasn't I informed I could take one and most importantly why was I too shy to ask. I find them extremely informative I just wish I had been getting some every Doctors visit I went, probably would've helped a lot. Also, I've started washing a lot of babies clothes because I'm not sure if you know or not, but most clothes have a chemical on them that keeps them stiff and nice looking in the store which isn't good for baby so wash them before you use them. Also, there are so many companies that give out free samples if you look around. Target is one of my favorites because they offer you an adorable bag filled with many different products you can try out. I'll take a picture of what they are and post it below. Also, seventh generation offers a lot of freebies as well in exchange for your review on them on their community page. I truly love their products especially the laundry detergent I've stocked up on quite a few for babies stuff because they're Eco friendly which I love. I can't wait for my baby to arrive it's so exciting and scary at the same time.

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