May 16, 2017 Review

I'm such a big fan of shopping like give me some money and I'll do damage for sure. When I first got contacted by I was a tad skeptical... My challenge was to style something for under $50 that's totally Spring.

I loved this top when I saw it and it literally sold out so fast, but luckily for me it came back in stock a week later and for less #SCORE! The prices are awesome aside from the shipping and handling depending on what you get that is. You're bound to find something you like on this daily deal site.

 I'm still trying to wear the shoes in because I love me a good espadrille and these are cute, but not as comfy as I'd like. I went out to the park with my baby girl and wore this outfit and honestly I loveee this blouse it's so flowy and chic and the lace detailing is so beautiful.

Do I recommend the site, as this is a Jane Review? Yes! Are there good deals? Yes, they have everything from baby stuff, household items, accessories, and so forth. Shipping time was pretty decent. Shipping prices are okay and dependent on the seller. Overall, I do recommend you look through the different sellers items and reviews as well as pay close attention to the pictures of the items. I didn't with the shoes and wish I did, but all is well nonetheless. Check out the link above as they have some super cute tops right now, I'm literally obsessed and want to go buy so many of them right now! Sorry in advance as you're about to spend a while on that site hehe.

This weeks Golden Ruel would be to save on trendy pieces by utilizing sites like this!

May 11, 2017

How To Get It Done! 5 Ways to Be More Productive.

How to be more productive?

Let's start by asking there something you should be doing this very moment? Yes? Put your phone down go do it! Everything can wait. Work hard then enjoy whatever else.

Stop getting distracted!
Easier said than done, but why do we get distracted? Probably to ease our minds off of everything we need to do! When in reality it's only going to stress us out by pro-longing our list of #ShitThatNeedsToBeDone excuse my French which in hindsight builds up. Stop browsing social media, texting/talking to whomever, walking around aimlessly! Get what needs to be done, done and then do whatever your heart desires.

Take it step by step.
Okay, so you know what you need to do and you've put your phone down and all other distractions away. Where do you start?
Take it slowly, look at the big picture then ask yourself what steps do I need to take to get there? Write them out and check them off. Before you know it you'll find yourself closer to the finish line.

Organize your mind!
Don't feel too overwhelmed. I get it life isn't easy. Distractions are sadly not always controllable. Have a baby like I do? Figure out some kind of schedule. My kid is very needy so believe me when I say if I can get a few minutes so can you! Sometimes I'll work as I'm feeding her because let's face it there's no need to add extra stressors, you have to work smart not hard! Have a house to clean and need to study? Try listening to audio of course work at the same time. Need to cook? There's so many easy meals that only take a few minutes to make. Whatever it is there's ways to manage it and do it smart not hard. Have a can do attitude because you really can do it! Remember you have the same 24 hours in your day as those successful people you admire.

Make a schedule!
Rethink your wake up time and plan ahead. Use your phone to jot down your day into hours. If you prefer to check things off by hand buy a desk calendar or notebook and write in that. Use your time wisely. Having a hard time checking things off? Reward yourself when you get to certain checkpoints and do take breaks! Start off strong, get the most daunting tasks done first and you'll realize you can accomplish all the rest.

Don't stress out so much! Refresh your mind. You've come so far in life and you can handle anything and everything. I think you're really brave and strong! I know you feel like you have a lot on your plate sometimes, we all do. Take it slowly and step by step and you'll get to where you want to be. Yes, it's not always easy, but you said that in the past and got through a lot of hard times then too, but surely it all passes. Remember the grass is only green where you water it.

I hope this article helps you realize that yes, you can do it! Phone down 👋🏻

XOX, Rue

May 9, 2017

My Week Recap: IG posts

So, I want to start a new series on my blog titled something a little more creative then the above haha. Any suggestions are truly welcome, tysm! Basically I want to start doing a behind the post recap where I share some of my Instagram posts and give you all a little BTS (behind the scenes) on them ;)! In a world of perceived perfection I find honesty rather refreshing definitely something I value so why not be a little more open and real because not everything really is as picture perfect as it seems. Anywho, I hope you like this series and let's get to it 💁🏻.

I'm a member of Influenster and depending on what you qualify for they send you products to review. Here they sent me a bottle of Life Wtr which is the same company as Aquafina owned by PepsiCO and honestly I really loved it! It features different art from different artists every 3 months I believe. When it came to taking the picture...I have like another 30 similar photos I've yet to delete; my baby girl was not sitting still #loveofmylife.

My favorite thing in life is when you get something better than you even expected. I swear I thought it was accurate and cute and when I received it and realized the mug holds at least three cups of coffee I laughed at the accuracy of the message. Buy it for any coffee loving mom and she'll love yah! Target for the #WIN! This was probably my 3rd mug of coffee in the AM. Photography is no joke...I've been using my iPhone for all my latest photos my camera is collecting dust from how little time I have to use it. Any baby schedule suggestions are welcome?!

I took this on my moms birthday we had taken her out for brunch at my one of my favorite breakfast places and what you don't see is it was super packed and I literally had to beg my husband to take the picture. The stuff I make him and people do for the gram smh! On a side note my daughter was very fussy and I had to shove my food down my throat. Mom's of more than one little I applaud you it's so not easy, but definitely rewarding. Shoes are amaze!!

No shame in my game, took this as I was passing this place...I passed by Goddess and The Baker dipped my head in there took this and was on my way. We had plans to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo and instead ended up strolling Maggie Daley Park then we ate at some cool burger joint and I had a burger called the"Obama". That day was so quick, but I think the burger was good lol I can't even remember.

Had my husband take over 50 shots (I need to relax), this was a day after I chopped my hair. Can we just talk about how important it is to use purple shampoo if you go blonde #brassyhair (yikes!) So glad I colored it! My stroller is the Graco Click Connect. Not too big a fan of the toddler transitioning part of it. What's your favorite stroller?

This is the first selfie I've taken in a light year. I look back at all the selfies I took over the years and I'm always so stunned as to how different I look. I really need to take collagen pills or something because the first place I lose weight from is my face. It's astounding how aging takes a toll on each one of us. What are some of your trouble areas? Lipstick I'm wearing.

This ice cream was pretty good and all, but looking back at it I'm not sure how I feel about paying $7 for two scoops of it ya feel me!?! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate dip powder? I never had a gel manicure even last this long especially since I'm always cleaning.

This is one of those pictures I wish I had a before to go along with! Our room is so small and we had such bulky furniture in it that when I got the chance we revamped it with newer pieces that didn't break the bank. I love how it turned out, as a tumblr girl, I'm actually pretty obsessed with it. It's so refreshing, simple, and calming. We definitely saved a lot of money redoing it, but those prints took forever and a day to find. We put a lot of time picking out pieces, coming up with a makeshift nightstand in the little corner for walking space. Love how this turned out. Any DIY's you'd like to see?

Passed a beautiful church on our way out of Obama's favorite breakfast place "Valois" and really loved this door and architecture. Follow me on Snapchat! Snapped a quick picture and moved along. If you notice my shirt is tucked in all wrong because I had just fed my daughter nothing says mom life more than trying to look put together and then looking back and laughing. Nothing makes me happier than enjoying nature and the beauty of life around me.

That's not my Louis, but you bet I've always wanted one. Which has me thinking... I finally got a Kate Spade bag last year and for the most part you can't even see the brand logo... what's the point of wearing something so expensive? Why do certain brands resonate with us so much?  Quality? For Show? What in your closet have you splurged on big time? Also, this "Soho House" is rather expensive, but honestly the food was delicious and the vibe and aesthetic of the place is perfection! P.S. my daughter made a big food mess when we went and literally went and almost grabbed the knife, knocked down my water, and filled her clothes with carrot puree #MomLife #BeindTheScenes

If I look awkward it's because taking the photo least my husband felt weird doing so. It's official he's definitely an #InstagramHusband. I'm sorry babe!!! I really liked my outfit though we were on our way to my b-i-l for a BBQ and stopped to get them Ice Cream Cake. For real you definitely need these Gucci shoe dupes because they go with everything and their mama. I'm so in love with them like you don't even understand!

This company called Personal Creations reached out to me to send me something from their line and I ended up choosing this canvas. Go read my caption on it. Honestly it's so beautiful and it makes me feel happy in that in whatever I do by Trusting In God I know everything will be alright despite whatever turmoil all you need is love and faith. Totally check out their site for any gifts you have to purchase in the future! 

That's it for this Recap. I really hope you liked my thoughts and a little of the BTS on my latest posts. I look forward to doing more of these posts. As for now, I have to clean up the big mess, my house, before baby and hubby wake up.

My Golden Ruel 
for today is cherish time, really be in the moment and don't take things too seriously. 
XOX, Rue