Nov 22, 2017

How to Better Oneself: Self Reflection and Improvement

Hey my beautiful sugaa bears,
This is a rather different entry for me. I really wanted to talk about self today.
Self Refection and Improvement. 
It seems more in, day by day that we're losing touch of what's important in life! We're getting so caught up in all the barbarism of this materialistic world. I've noticed how much easier it is for people to be hateful rather than kind and it's so damn sad! This world is full of so much negativity already and not to mention inner turmoils we all have and we add to it instead of helping each other out. It just doesn't make sense!
One of my best tips on having an overall healthy sense of self/ life is to check the company you're with! It makes you so much more self aware. If all you find is that there is negativity in the group you surround yourself with, then you have to ask yourself "why am I hanging out with these people?" I recently read that the more you surround yourself with people the more your brains sync. Basically you become a lot like the people you surround yourself with. I, for one, noticed people in my life that weren't adding substantial value to my soul's welfare. I would only join along in their pessimism and I didn't like the person I was with them. What did I do? I cut a lot of ties with them. Granted it's not always that easy, but honestly even with family you could be cordial, but you don't have to engage in their negativity. When I hear people gossip per say, I either try to change the topic or leave the conversation. I found myself lately with friends that not only inspire me, but truly bring out the best in me and for that I'm beyond thankful. Anyways, I drifted off so let's get back on track.

 With all that being said I want to create a week challenge for you all! 
It's super simple!

1. Try to do nothing but good!
2. Don't talk bad about others or self. We truly are our harshest critics, would you agree?
3. Give out compliments like it's no ones business, but also don't forget the person staring back in the mirror. 
4. At the end of each day reflect on your day. i.e.: What made you mad? Did you do right by others and yourself? 
5. Eat well and take care of your body. It's a temple and should be treated with the best of care.
6. Most importantly try to forgive people for their shortcomings. As hard as it is to sometimes forget it does the heart so much good. Also, ask for forgiveness as we often do much wrong ourselves.

Truth be told there's no point in being bitter and unhappy. Everything is in your hands, you attract what you think. Be a happy person and the energy around you will radiate and attract good people. Remember quality over quantity. Honestly I find the key to getting what you want out of life and living a more meaningful one is being a good person and a grateful one at that. I feel like I've become a better person and have definitely noticed where my shortcomings and strengths are. All of which I work on improving every day.

Do these things for 7 days and tell me you don't notice a difference in your life! How do you take care of your beautiful mind?

Best of vibes and all the love sent your way.

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